Sébastien Jan

Sébastien Jan is native from Brittany, on the west coast of France, a hotspot for seaweed where he used to harvest Chondrus crispus as a teenager.

Sebastien has always been passionate by ocean which drove him to Madagascar from 2004 to 2009, starting his career as a marine biologist. And Later on, leading efforts to establish successful seaweed farming activity for the phycocolloids industry in the region.

From that experience, Sébastien became a seaweed enthusiast, convinced of its great potential, and with a strong wish to actively participate to its development.

Following that path, Sébastien joined Cargill and its carrageenan business, where he spent 12 years as seaweed strategic sourcing project & sustainability manager. He has been travelling around the world, spending significant time in the field in producing countries, leveraging his technical expertise with seaweed producers, implementing innovative projects and acquiring significant market knowledge and its players.

More recently, he has been instrumental in developing The Red Seaweed Promise, Cargill’s unique sustainability program, with the commitment to improve lives of seaweed producers and their communities while securing long term supply of red seaweed, to address major challenges he came across over the years.

Early 2021, Sébastien is leaving Cargill to join Ocean Farmers, a well-established seaweed production company, bringing his ideas, passion and expertise to support their growth and ambitions to develop sustainable seaweed production & innovative aquaculture in Madagascar.
Sébastien, is also actively contributing to various initiatives, promoting seaweed production with its great potential and services it brings for the planet.

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