Patrick Martone

Dr. Patrick Martone is a professor in the Botany Department at the University of British Columbia. Research in his lab spans a wide range of phycological topics, encompassing the biodiversity, biomechanics, ecophysiology, and evolution of seaweeds.

Dr. Martone thinks carefully about the functional morphology of seaweeds and the evolutionary innovations that permit seaweeds to survive along wave-swept rocky shores. His work on seaweed biomechanics considers not only the movement of thalli in flow, but the structural and chemical nature of seaweed materials to resist breakage. He uses phylogenetic and taxonomic methods to explore the morphological diversification of seaweeds through time, and he is well known for his research on the evolutionary gains and losses of flexible joints in segmented calcified algae.

His work on seaweed biodiversity has inspired renewed efforts to characterize and monitor hundreds of seaweed species along the Pacific coast of Canada and to better anticipate the physiological and ecological impacts of changing ocean conditions on seaweed communities.

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