John Bolton

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What should we grow in the seaweed aquaculture revolution?: a view from Africa

Emeritus Professor John J Bolton (Senior Scholar, University of Cape Town)

John J Bolton is a lifelong seaweed biologist (PhD, Liverpool, 1978), and has taught at the University of Cape Town since 1983. A former President of the International and Southern African Phycological Societies, he has successfully supervised 20 PhD students, and has >160 journal publications. He is an author on more than 40 species new to science, and the known seaweed flora of South Africa has increased by >50% during this time, mostly due to projects he has led. He has also published widely on seaweed biogeography, resource use and aquaculture, and kelp forest ecology. A joint project with Max Troell (Beijer Institute, Stockholm) laid the basis for the commercially successful integrated aquaculture of abalone with Ulva, with these studies now extended to sea urchins. He is a partner in the EC-funded project ASTRAL: All Atlantic Sustainable, Profitable and Resilient Aquaculture. He will combine these interests in a talk on the diversity of economic seaweeds for the future.

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